Class F

Are you looking for an automatic, spacious car for your stay in Thessaloniki or Chalkidiki? The class F rides are ideal for you!

Class F is without a doubt the class with the most comfortable vehicles. Both in terms of space and drive experience due to the automatic transmission they include.

The class consists of 2 vehicles. We recommend you choose Toyota Auris Hybrid if you want maximum fuel economy and you plan to cover many kilometers. If you prefer bigger boot spaces than those available for luggage and you don’t drive long distances, then Hyundai Matrix is the car for you.

In general the class F vehicles are ideal for: families of 5 members, those who are not used in manual transmission and prefer automatic, those who need a spacious boot space and finally, a comfortable drive experience.

Please don’t forget that Alpha Drive offers you the option to rent the car of your choice without using your credit card.

Rental prices in class F start from 19€ per day.

Free Amenities

Pick Up – Drop of all working days and hours

Second Driver

Baby Boosters

24 Hour Road Assistance

Unlimited mileage for 3 or more days rentals