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Hyundai Matrix Rental Rates

Low Season43.00
Medium Season50.00
High Season66.00
Low Season31.00
Medium Season46.00
High Season61.00
Low Season24.00
Medium Season30.00
High Season45.00
Low Season21.00
Medium Season28.00
High Season43.00
Low Season19.00
Medium Season25.00
High Season41.00
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Hyundai Matrix Rental

Upgrade your stay and transportation in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki by renting a Hyundai Matrix.

At Alpha Drive Rent a Car you will find the best and most affordable car rental rates.

Rental rates for a Hyundai Matrix start at 19€ per day!

About Hyundai Matrix

An excellent choice of car rental for families or groups that will move mainly within the city of Thessaloniki. The Matrix is ​​a particularly practical car with many object storage spaces. At the same time, the car has generous spaces for passengers, even people over 1.90 will find it difficult to cope with a problem. Consumption ranges between 7-8 liters / 100 km. It is definitely not a fast car performance, but that was not the reason why it was designed. Hyundai Matrix will not get you tired of driving as it moves comfortably on the road while its automatic transmission gives you even more comfort.

Overall, the Hyundai Matrix is ​​a practical car rental solution, we strongly recommend it for families who want to rent a family car while staying in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.