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Toyota Auris Rental Rates

Low Season34.00
Medium Season35.00
High Season48.00
Low Season24.00
Medium Season26.00
High Season39.00
Low Season17.00
Medium Season19.00
High Season33.00
Low Season15.00
Medium Season17.00
High Season32.00
Low Season13.00
Medium Season16.00
High Season31.00
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Toyota Auris Rental

Upgrade your stay and transportation in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki by renting a Toyota Auris.

At Alpha Drive Rent a Car you will find the best and most affordable car rental rates.

Rental rates for a Toyota Auris start at 17€ per day!

About Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris is a compact hatchback car that is ideal for families and small groups, offering you a comfortable and relaxing rental experience in Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. The Auris has plenty of space on the front and back so it can accommodate up to 5 adults comfortable, although it’s a small vehicle. The storage space provided by Auris is also a big plus of the car. At 370 liters, the Toyota Auris the trunk can accomodate up to 3 large suitcases with plenty of room for small luggage and loose items. If there is insufficient space, storage can be increased by folding the rear seats. The Auris is suitable for couples with plenty of luggage. Driving Auris manages well the country’s roads and urban roads. The size of the Auris is a plus, as it will not make it difficult for you to drive traffic or narrow parking spaces.

Overall, Toyota Auris is a prudent and appropriate solution for your rental while staying in Greece.