Fill in the reservation form. Enter your personal information. The required information is the type of the car you want to rent, the driver’s age, your mobile phone number, and the exact time of arrival and departure, in order to define the cost of the car rental.
ALPHA DRIVE will send a response to your email within the following two hours. If you accept our offer, you will receive a confirmation of your car rental booking. Please pay much attention to the fact that only when you receive a confirmation email for your car rental booking, will your reservation be valid.
If you need a children safety seat, please mention it in your comments.
If you want to rent a car from the airport and return it to another place, please mention it in your comments too.
You will be given the car agreed upon, or another of the same or higher category without extra charges.
If you wish to rent a car the same day, call us at (0030) 2310 447 878 or (0030) 6944736008.
We are available to help you 24 hours a day.

One of our employees will be at the arranged meeting point at the time of delivery and collection of the car. After the completion of the rental agreement, you will be charged with no further hidden charges.
All our vehicles are technically tested and their condition is excellent.
Please, ask our staff member to note down carefully in the rental agreement every potential damage or mark your car may have from previous rentals.
Someone from our personnel will be there to deliver you the rented car.

A representative will be waiting for you in the arrivals lobby, holding a piece of paper with your name on it, in order to recognize him; after he completes the rental agreement, you will be delivered the car without any further time- consuming processes.
If you wish your car to be collected from the airport, you will have to return it in the same spot where it was delivered to you.

This service is available for customers who stay in Thessaloniki or Chalkidiki.
A representative of our company will be waiting for you in the hotel’s reception, in order to fill in the rental agreement and deliver you the rented car.
We will collect the car either from your hotel or Thessaloniki Airport (International Airport “Makedonia”) in case this is more convenient for you.
Any delivery or collection of a car from different airports upon your requests is charged based on the distance in kilometers. (0.40) cents per kilometer when this is possible.
Rentals of all car types:
Car rentals from the city centre
Rent a car in Chalkidiki
Rent a car in Crete. Chania, Hraklio, Rethymno.
Rent a car in Thessaloniki Airport (International Airport “Makedonia”)
Rent a car in Kavala’s Airport.
Rent a car in Rhodes Airport.
Rent a car in Alexandroupolis Airport.

The documents you need to rent a car are your driving license, your Identity Card or your passport.
If you do not choose a Full Damage Waiver (FDW) mixed insurance, you should have your Master or Visa credit card, in order to be displayed on the rental agreement and charged with the equivalent amount, in case of damages caused during the rental period.

ALPHA DRIVE covers the following:
Third Party Insurance
Third party insurance covers the renter of the car for the death of and personal injury to a third party up to 100.000€ and for material damages up to 100.000€.
This insurance is included in the rental price.
Mixed Insurance with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).
Mixed insurance limits the renter’s liability for car damages in the liability amount of
350, 00€ plus VAT for categories B and C
450,00 € plus VAT for categories D and E
650,00€ plus VAT for categories F and G
1000, 00€ plus VAT for categories G1
Unlimited kilometers.Theft insurance.Fire insurance.The renter is not covered, in the event that the theft was caused by his negligence. Additionally, the personal items of the renter that were in the car are not covered either. This insurance is included in the rental price.

Delivery and collection of your car is free of charge and is available from Monday to Saturday (08:00-21:00).
For delivery or collection of a car to or from an airport or another city, during non- working days and hours, you are charged with 15,00 €.

You can pay for your rental either in cash, or by Master/ Visa credit card on delivery day. During special offers periods, you must deposit 20% of the total rental amount, in order to benefit from the discount. The payment of your deposit can be made: via Master or Visa credit card, via PayPal, via bank deposit (with your personal information stated clearly).
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE Ethnikis Antistaseos 40-46 Thessaloniki, 55133
Account Number: 831/003353–77
Account Holder: Vlachopoulos Ioannis
IBAN: GR57 0110 8310 0000 8310 0335 377

Your personal information is used, according to the current law for the protection of personal data, only for contracting the rental agreement and for offering the optimal services to our clients.

In case of a car rental cancellation 20 days before the agreed upon date of delivery, the deposit is wholly refundable. For reservation cancellations which take place in less than 20 days of the agreed upon delivery date, your deposit is not refundable, it can be credited though to a next potential reservation.

This service is free of charge.
It is mandatory that you mention it in your reservation.

This service is available with an extra charge of 3,00 € per day.
It is mandatory that you mention it in your reservation.

The car must be returned with the same quantity of fuel as shown at the time of pickup.

This service is free of charge.

It is prohibited to travel abroad (beyond the Greek territory) with a rented ALPHA DRIVE car.
You are strictly forbidden to make any modifications, improvements or changes to the rented ALPHA DRIVE car.
In case of a technical problem related to the care, you should immediately contact ALPHA DRIVE in order to replace the car with another of the same or higher category. This service is provided without any further charge.
Only when the company is informed and the renter holds a written permission from ALPHA DRIVE, is a seaborne transfer of a rented car allowed.

This service is free of charge.
ALPHA DRIVE must be contacted and informed about the age and the weight of your child.
The renter assumes exclusive responsibility for any traffic violation (tickets, vehicle registration numbers removal e.t.c) and is obliged to pay off any fine to the competent services.
All ALPHA DRIVE cars are covered by road assistance 24h a day.
Call us on: (0030) 2310 447878. Remain in your car and call ALPHA DRIVE.

Inform Accident Care.
This service is free of charge.
The employee of the insurance company will fill in the accident form with the entire details of the incident and you will take a copy of it.
You should hold the following necessary documents:

  • ID or Passport
  • Driving License
  • Car Insurance
In case of a breakdown, ALPHA DRIVE will response immediately and replace the car with another of the same or higher category.
If you want to benefit from our special offers, you must deposit 20% of the total reservation amount before the end of the offer.
1) Age: Minimum 25 years and Maximum 70 years
2) Driving License: The driver must hold a driving license which was issued at least three (3) years ago.
3) The insurance coverage (C.D.W.) does not cover the following: Damages caused to the underbody, tο the tires and to the seat cover, which have been occurred during driving in improper roads or roads without asphalt cover. Damages caused during driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Damages caused by people who are not included in the rental agreement. The renter is responsible for any traffic violation during the rental period. Moreover, during the rental agreement period the payment of fines or any other costs which may be occurred by any traffic violation are borne by him/her and will be sent to the address which has been declared.
4) In case of accident or incident the renter is obliged to follow immediately the procedure below: a) Call the police. b) Collect the eye witnesses’ names and addresses. c) Do not acknowledge third party claims. d) Contact ALPHA DRIVE immediately by phone or other means. e) Collect all relevant information from any third party. f) Fill in and sign an accident report.
5) It is explicitly prohibited to transfer with you illegal immigrants.
6) It is not allowed to prolong the rental without contacting first with ALPHA DRIVE.
7) You have to hold a written permission from ALPHA DRIVE car rental to transport the rental car by boat.
8) It is prohibited to travel abroad with the rented ALPHA DRIVE cars.
9) Delivery and collection at the airport or at ALPHA DRIVE offices from Monday to Sunday 09:00 – 21:00. For delivery and collection during non- working hours and on public holidays days, you are charged with 15,00 €. If any dispute arises between ALPHA DRIVE car rental and the lessee during the rental agreement, the dispute will fall to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki.

Drive Safe.

Always wear your seat belt.

Do not use you mobile phone while driving.

Children should remain with the seatbelt fasten, on the child safety seat.

You should always drive according to the Highway Code.

Do not drive under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol.

Do not exceed the local speed limits.

Be careful while entering in villages and small settlements.