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Ancient Greek Technology in Thessaloniki

Ancient Greek technology

Once you reach Thessaloniki it is a must to visit the Museum of Technology «Noesis». Noesis which is one of its kind in Northern Greece has given its visitors a chance to discover the technological achievements of the ancient Greeks.

Among others museum provides a window into the technological side of ancient Greece less known to the public than literature, art and philosophy.
The museum guide speaks of the imaginative side of the ancient Greeks.
According to [Maria Karnezou, Museum Guide]:
«They initiated some things by themselves either by inventing them or importing them from neighbouring countries. It was an element of their culture but also a dynamic that was developed through practice. They exercised this talent so as to adapt the machines they found and to further develop them.»



В начале сентября в Салониках ежегодно проходит Международная Многоотраслевая выставка-ярмарка, проводимая HELEXPO (Hellenic exposition). Это, несомненно, самое знаменательное событие в экономической и политической жизни страны, на открытие которого всегда приезжает премьер-министр страны. Выставка имеет коммерческий характер, благодаря чему она привлекает к себе внимание как крупных производителей и больших компаний, так и всех остальных слоёв населения. Как правило, число посетителей выставки колеблется в рамках 250.000 человек.

Помимо экспозиции торгово-промышленной продукции из разных стран мира, в рамках выставки проводятся очень много разнообразных культурно-развлекательных мероприятий, что вносит в выставочные дни  в северной столице Греции праздничную лепту.

headThe Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki will host sculptures from the French Museum including three artworks of Enlightment Age sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon (portraits of Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Denis Diderot) and one of Jacques-Nicolas Roettiers de la Tour (bronze medal of Louis XV). The above mentioned sculptures will be supplemented with sculptures of Macedonian philosophers, bearing reference to the extent to which the Age of Reason was molded by Greek philosophers, and how the French movement of the 18th century inspired the Modern Greek state in return.



Thessaloniki Ultimate Party City

Ultimate party ThessalonikiIt is finally true, Thessaloniki is among Ultimate Party Cities, according to Lonely Planet. This is that they say about this marvelous city.

Greece’s second city has style, with plenty of fashionable shops and salons and a 1-million-strong  population fleshed out by a big university (80,000-plus students). Thessaloniki boasts great nightlife during those long months when more famous Greek destinations are deep in hibernation, from arty cafes to Latin bars; from discos pumping out house music to salacious bouzoukia (clubs featuring twangy, Eastern-flavoured Greek folk-pop). That’s plenty to keep you occupied after you’ve traversed the city’s sublime Byzantine churches, museums and scattered ruins. It’s not cheap, but no Greek city save Athens compares.

Thessaloniki partyDuring whole year parties are just the way of life for all Thessalonikis and especial for young people and students. You can find parties for each and every taste. Be it an black and white RnB parties or extreme rave parties.

Visit Thessaloniki and enjoy Fun and Relaxation.




Thessaloniki Nightlife

Thessaloniki by nightThessaloniki offers to visitors the opportunity to enjoy of a different way its nightlife. You could start with dinner and then hit the clubs, or begin with a couple of drinks and then make your way to one of the many bouzokia (clubs specializing in Greek music played on bouzoukis).

Many elegant restaurants, numerous “ouzeries” and taverns are found in the city and the suburbs. Bars and clubs are concentrated in narrow streets behind quayside boulevard Nikis. Clubs offers live music in the area near to airport. Near to White Tower there are a number of bars and clubs. Generally discos on the outskirts of town near the airport where the noise is less likely to bother people. Beside castle there are coffee shops that keep going until late into night. In the mThessaloniki Ladadikaultidisciplinary Milos you will find Mylos is a large entertainment complex where you will find several taverns, coffee shops and bars as well, galleries, restaurants, theatres and variety of live music but is difficult to get without a taxi. Nightclubs piano bar and dancing are located in everywhere of Thessaloniki city. Thessaloniki also has many theatres and some one hundred cinemas, some of which are open-air for pleasant summer viewing.

The most popular areas of Thessaloniki to explore are :

Airport area
Seaside (Paralia)
Mylos area
Center of the city (Navarino Square, Modhiano Market area and Zeuksidos street)
Aretsou – Nea Krini
Salamina area



The best of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki White TowerThessaloniki is the second largest town in mainland Greece. An amalgam of traditional and modern elements, Thessaloniki serves as a transportation hub for Northern Greece due to its location, its busy port and the international airport. Situated on the Gulf of Thermaikos in the Aegean Sea, the city is a strategic trading port for northern Greece and the Balkans. Throughout the town, there are plenty of historical sites where travelers can get a peak into the history of this town and can also enjoy the upcoming cosmopolitan structures that Thessaloniki is slowly embracing. Thessaloniki Greece is an exceptional place and provides a wonderful vacation for travelers coming here from all across the world.

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Chalkidiki Climate


The climate of Halkidiki is typically Mediterranean, generally mild with limited rainfalls, mild winters and cool summers with a lot of sunshine. Fluctuations are stronger from south to north and the mountainous regions are cooler.The lowest temperature during the winter is between December and February, with temperatures from 3, 5 degrees to 19 degrees. The highest temperature occurs during the months of the summer, from 23 degrees to 34 degrees. Temperatures below 0 degrees can only be found during winter, in some of the mountainous areas.


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